Designated a world heritage site in 1984 , Yosemite National park see over 3.7 million vistors every year . Spanning eastern portions of Tuolumne , Mariposa and Madera counties in east central California , United States. The park covers an area of 761,268 acres . It best known for its waterfalls and giant granite cliff faces , but also within , you can find deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, a vast wilderness area, and much more . The Yosemite National park would be one of the favorite national parks for landscape photographers to travel to and it was easy to see why during my visit



    • 12in x 8in ( 30.5cm x 20.3cm ) FF

    • 18in x 12in ( 45.7cm x 30.5cm ) FF

    • 24in x 16in ( 70cm x 40.6cm ) FF

    • 30in x 20in ( 76.2cm x 50.8cm ) FF

    • 40in x 30in ( 101.6cm x 76.2cm ) FF

    • 60in x 40in ( 152.4cm x 20.3cm ) FF

    • 75in x 22.5in ( 190.5cm x 57cm ) FF